Yellow Stone Club
Digital Lodging Experience Design
Screenshots of some digital images showcasing the Yellowstone Club's updated Website created by Charles Stemen Studio

An outdated experience becomes a
beautiful & functional platform.

The Yellowstone Club is the worlds only private ski & golf community. Located in Big Sky, Montana, and set against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, the Yellowstone Club features private powder skiing, world class lodging experiences, as well as an incredible golf course and a long list of activities, events, and amenities.
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App Development
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Creative Direction
Architectural Photography
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The Challenge.

The digital lodging experience had fallen behind and wasn’t providing the outstanding level of service or user experience required from the Club's clientele. At the same time, demand for the residential services set of exclusive offerings continued to rise. We recognized the need to revamp their entire digital experience to meet the ongoing needs of the users and internal teams.

A website to do it all.

Through extensive collaboration with the multiple teams falling under Residential Services, we built an entire short-term rental platform where hundreds of members are able to host and rent their homes. In addition to each listed home, the site features interactive neighborhood maps, engaging illustrations, details on services, and the ability to order specific amenities to each of users upcoming bookings.

The site also contains a custom built native grocery shopping platform. This digital experience allows users to shop for individual groceries, alcohol, pre-built packages, and more all while seamlessly feeding orders directly into the program the Club's shoppers use at the grocery store. This unique shopping experience also allows users to add brand, style or custom requests to existing items, submit entirely custom items, and modify the pre-built grocery packages to their liking.
A dynamic display of Charles Stemen Studio photos being used in the YellowStone Clubs website. The display shows how the image shrinks and text appears as a user hovers the cursor over the image An iPhone showing how the updated Yellowstone Club's website responds on different screen sizes

A rentals homepage to host the current season.

We created four stunning illustrations, each depicting a specific season and experience at the Yellowstone Club. These are swapped out seasonally to reflect the current conditions at the resort. Illustrations were layered and implemented with parallax-scrolling interactions. The rentals landing page also features an interactive neighborhood map, suggested amenity filters, and a deeper look into featured homes. All with fully responsive design for unhindered experience on any size device.
Some digital screenshots showing some digital images created by Charles Stemen Studio of some different aspects of the Yellowstone Club's updated website.
Some digital screenshots showing some digital images created by Charles Stemen Studio of some different aspects of the Yellowstone Club's updated website.

Requesting a rental made easy.

Looking for the right property is simple with home size, amenity, neighborhood and pricing filters, along with clear and immersive design.
A laptop and tablet next to each other showing some architectural photos from Charles Stemen Studio and how they are utilized on the Yellowstone Club's website on different screen sizes.

Want certain amenities in your rental?

After booking, we’ve directed users to a custom crafted amenity request section so guests can make sure their rental is stocked with any amenities they may need during their stay, including the ability to have the home baby-ready upon arrival.
A screenshot of the new Yellowstone Club's website created by Charles Stemen Studio that shows the option for a user to add amenities to their rental after booking

Order groceries and arrive to a stocked kitchen.

A custom tailored grocery shopping experience for members that feeds orders directly into department-organized shopping lists for the Club's grocery team to easily shop for; Enabling the luxury experience of arriving to a short term rental stocked with all the food you ordered prior to arrival.
A screenshot of the Yellowstone Club's website created by Charles Stemen Studio displaying how members can experience a custom tailored shopping experience allowing the luxury experience

Clear Services and capabilities.

Making it simple to understand the benefits provided under each category of residential services.
Some screenshots of the new Yellowstone Club's website created by Charles Stemen Studio showing different screens to clearly detail each category of residential services provided to Yellowstone Club members.

An in-home app for guests.

The lodging experience is only just starting with an accepted booking, and we wanted to make the in-home experience just as useful for guests. We stocked each property with an iPad, equipped with our custom built app. The app knows which home it’s in, who is staying in that home, and lays out their itinerary, provides links and details on services, bookings and events during their stay, and, of course, access to all the services and amenities we discussed above.
A screenshot of the app on the ipad that is provided in home. The App is part of the updated website created by Charles Stemen Studios.
Another screenshot of the app on the iPad that is provided in home. The App is part of the updated website created by Charles Stemen Studios.
Another screenshot of the app on the iPad that is provided in home. The App is part of the updated website created by Charles Stemen Studios.

A services guide for homeowners.

Working with the Property Management team, we designed and printed books distributed to homeowners on the rentals program so they understand and can take advantage of the services offered to them through this collaboration.
A photo of some printed books designed by Charles Stemen Studio's which includes some architectural photographs

Stunning imagery to inspire and engage.

A sunset shot of a  luxurious house with large windows reflecting light on the snow and forest in the foreground.
2 cups of fancy hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and crushed mint candies on top
A Yellowstone Club employee checking the water quality of a hot tub
A well lit kitchen with modern amenities and a luxury feel
An elegant living area showing a metal and wood staircase with large windows next to it, and a modern circular chandelier
A colorful basket of fruit on a marble countertop
2 Yellowstone Club employees fluffing pillows after remaking the king size bed so members can always fall asleep in a remade bed
A Yellowstone Club employee adding water softener to the clubs water supply to ensure high quality water for its guests
A dark wooden living area , fireplace, and matching coffee table with a light geometrical art piece hung above the fireplace
2 Yellowstone Club employees making the bed for guests
A collection of local produce and food brands on a marble countertop
A POV of roasting marshmallows for smore's over an outside fire
A luxurious living area with a cabin-aesthetic filled with large couches, and a lovely coffee table
A well lit, luxury stone home with a sunset in the background
Some delicious loaves of bread placed on a cutting board
A geometric bedside table and lamp next to a luxurious bed
A collection of grain and dairy products arranged on a marble counter top
An outdoor fire showing the supplies and the perfect setting to make some smores
A collection of Sao Paulo products available for members
A modern, luxurious tv room with an open feel that overlooks the ski slopes


The Residential Services site is now aligned in both experience and brand with the Yellowstone Club's highest service standards. The lodging team now has streamlined API integrations and editing abilities, all while minimizing employee hours spent aiding users through the rental process. Members can now experience a lodging platform that has real search tools like saving homes, searching with filters, viewing upcoming bookings in their account, and continuing that elevated experience through their entire stay with our app. The grocery shopping team has gone from a form submission and manual sheet entry process to a streamlined and engaging e-commerce experience that has aided in significant business growth while removing hours of manual order processing.


Charles Stemen - Art Director, Web Designer, App Designer, Print Designer, Copywriter, Photographer.
Jake Caggige - Web + Interaction Designer, Webflow Developer.
Matt McGinnis -  Website Developer, Backend Developer.
Zack Warren - App Developer.
Trevor Humphres - Illustrator.
& Others - Content & Testing.