Winter Park Resort
Summer Adventure Campaign Photography
3 hikers standing next to a pond with their reflections in the water

Breathing Summer into Winter Park through a photography refresh.

Working closely with the marketing team & town chamber, Charles navigated model acquisition, shotlist ideation, location scouting, and planning over several photoshoots. We photographed Winter Parks’ guided hiking program, their local XC mountain bike trail system, fly fishing, climbing, and spent some time next-door in Rocky Mountain National Park.

With some light ideas and guidance provided by the Internal team, images were produced with the goals of furthering their Venture Out campaign through fun and relatable imagery that spoke to the unique outdoor summer experiences & scenery only found in Winter Park.
Services Provided
Adventure & Lifestyle Photography
Model Acquisition & Planning
"Your imagery can make or break you as a brand. When we work with Charles, we know we will walk away with brand-building, differentiated assets that will make an impact in our marketing. Working together is always a pleasure. His professionalism, ability to work with models, and run a shoot independently are only matched by his creativity! It’s hard to find trusted creative partners, and we have one in Charles."
Headshot of Carl Frey
Carl Frey
Creative and Content Senior Manager

In the Wild.

Charles’ images have been working hard to inspire and engage for both Winter Park & the Winter Park Town Chamber. Let’s take a look at just a few real life use cases from these photoshoots.
Bike park billboard ad
Email campaigns
Website - Guided experience bookings
Winter park town chamber website

Expanding Winter Parks' reach.

Outside of any direct scope of work, or paid advertising by Winter Park Resort, Charles’ has networked images from this relationship into publications in several regional and national magazines, further showcasing photography and stories from Winter Park to a wider & relevant audience.
Colorado Life - "top take" feature + interview on climbing in winter park - July/August 2021
Colorado Life - March/April 2022
Denver life magazine - Winter escapes feature - January 2022
Freeskier Magazine - Resort Guide - winter park resort (mary jane) Feature - 2019


Winter Park Resort has experienced substantial growth in guest visits, revenue, and capital investment during the years working with Charles. While no single photo is driving this growth, our significant contribution to the image library has certainly inspired guests from both around the country, and right here in Colorado to make a trip.
Winter Park from far away with a sunset