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Subsistence #2
A birds eye view of mountain bikers ripping through a mossy forested trail

Following Outside TV to Western Washington to check out Cody Wilkins's home trails

For episode 2 of subsistence, we headed to Cody Wilkins home of Bellingham, WA. A mountain bike capital in itself, but Cody has some unique trails to show us including some that he had built himself for this shoot. A quick ferry ride to Orcas Island with Miles Trainer also landed us some excellent riding and incredible views.
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Adventure & Lifestyle Photography
Video Production
“Charlie killed it with his work on Subsistence, long days, and tough weather aside he was the only photographer we know that could’ve handled it. The specific brand work was also right on par with our partners requests and actually helped us increase funding project after project. We look forward to working with Charlie on Subsistence and many other projects to come”
Headshot of Cody Wilkins

In the Wild.

Charles’ images from the Subsistence Projects have been a great investment in terms of promoting the film, but they have also gone on to help build the brands of the supporting sponsors.
Flylow Ad - Mountain Gazette 2023
A forested mountain bike image captured by Charles Stemen Studio that appeared in the Mountain Gazette as an advertisement
Flylow Ad - Hobak Sports Window Display - Jackson, WY
An advertisement displayed in a sporting goods store window in Jackson, WY displaying forested mountain biking image that Charles Stemen Studio captured.
Flylow Email Marketing Campaigns
Screenshots of Flylow's websites using images from Charles Stemen Studio
Flylow Website
Screenshots of Flylow's websites using images from Charles Stemen Studio

Watch the film

Produced by Charles Stemen Studio partner Ben Dann, Subsistence Episode 2 was released on Outside TV with nearly 100k views.


Subsistence has continued to receive support and funding for more episodes from the involved sponsors! Be sure to check out Episode 3 where we head to Wyoming.

Our work not only contributed to a successful brand-building film for all those involved, but our photography from the production went on to further expand these brands' image libraries. Our release on Outside TV positioned our sponsors in front of a wide range of viewers that has strategically increased their potential market size.
Some mountain bikers looking at some drone footage

Interested in Joining the
Subsistence Project?

Subsistence is an ongoing project with yearly-to-bi-yearly releases. If you run a brand that is interested in joining as a sponsor, and receiving an image library like the one above for commercial use, drop us a line and we can chat.