Rome Snowboards
Board Graphics
Graphic for Rome Snowboards that reads "Rome Snowboards" in a traditional tattoo style font

Illustrations for the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate.

Founded as the counter culture to corporate snowboarding, Rome embodies a fuck it attitude and a spirit of free will, all while maintaining a leading position in snowboard culture and product design.

In collaboration with the in-house art director, Charles worked to illustrate graphics for boards, products, and swag items that went into production during the 2017/18 Winter season.
Services Provided

Mechanic Snowboard.

Pulling from a vintage nautical theme, we designed the Mechanic graphic around an old sea voyage. By combining custom hand painted type with photographic and illustrative elements from old ships, foreign travelers, and inspiration from the illicit beverages that accompanied these voyages, we were able to build a finished piece of art that made its way to print for riders everywhere during the 2017 season.
A graphic with the text "mechanic" appearing in front of some gray ocean waves
The top and bottom of a snowboard for Rome Snowboards
A closeup of the Rome Snowboard graphic that reads "mechanic"
Some nautical themed graphics for Rome Snowboards

Factory Rocker Snowboard.

We loved the intricate linework and typography found in vintage snake oil labels, along with the symbolic representation of their how their “cure all” claims applied perhaps even better to the feeling of going to take some turns. We left the designed mark on the top sheet of the board transparent, revealing the wood core beneath, and making every graphic slightly different. This “Mountain Distilled” snowboard went into production for the 2017 season.
Graphic for Rome Snowboards that reads "Rome Snowboards" in a traditional tattoo style font
The top and bottom decals for a Rome Snowboard
Some sketches of initial graphic designs for Rome Snowboards
A logo for the Factory Rocker 158 Rome snowboard

Swag Items

Building off the momentum from our two snowboard graphics, we designed two simpler illustrations for the snowboard syndicate for use on koozies and flasks.
A cluster of photos with the right being a graphic that reads "Wish you were Beer - Rome SDS" and the left being that graphic on a beer coozie being help in front of some mountains
A cluster of graphics, the left being a logo for Rome Snowboards, and the right being that logo on a small flask being help up in front of a snowy forest