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Dog Toy Photography
2 cute dogs running towards the camera trying to catch a toy in mid air
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Celebrating the good bois in life with a photography refresh.

Monster K9 was growing rapidly, but lacked an image library to keep up with their brand quality and growth needs. To help start this process, we scheduled a quick 1-day shoot with a variety of dogs in the meadows and mountains of Montana.

With a target market focus on aggressive chewers, we found and scheduled large, toy motivated dogs and selected a variety of locations to hit the outdoor focused goals of the client.
Services Provided
Adventure Photography
Product Photography
Model Acquisition & Planning
“Charles has been the best photographer we’ve worked with.  He took the time to understand what we wanted, and then he went above and beyond to deliver exactly on the vision we had for our project. There’s really nothing that can take every single element of your marketing to a new level quite like having great photography.  Our website, packaging, product listings, and other marketing material have been elevated to a new level with the photos Charles delivered for us.  We’ll definitely be working together in the future.”
k9 logo with "K9" surrounded by a spiked dog collar