Winter Park REsort
Mary Jane's 40th Birthday
A groovy graphic that reads "Mary Jane"

Celebrating the queen in true 70’s style.

Mary Jane is Winter Park Resorts alternate base area and mountain, which carries a more old-school vibe that is cherished in the community. With legendary bump runs and a lore filled history of Mary Jane being a local lady of the night, it was the perfect time to throw a retro celebration.
Services Provided

Event Branding.

We did some soul-searching to find our inner 70s child and walked away with a mark that paid homage to both the origins and current branding.
A groovy graphic that reads "Mary Jane"

Commemorative Goods.

We expanded our logo mark into take home items ranging from a screen printed poster, to shirts, to a few pairs of skis taken home by a lucky few guests.
A framed poster of Mary Jane's 40th birthday party
The top and bottom of a pair of groovy skies designed especially for Mary Jane
Some groovy Mary Jane graphics on brown long sleeve shirts