Bar-D Mountain Gear
Brand & Packaging

Illustrative and experiential branding and packaging for outdoor-inspired wipes.

Bar-D mountain Gear was founded with inspiration from the mountains of Colorado. Often, on long outdoor trips showers just aren’t an option, and many body wipes on the market were falling short; they were too small, left you feeling sticky, and contained harsh ingredients like alcohol. We recognized the need for a brand and packaging that relayed these differentiators while speaking to the outdoor experience they were inspired from.
Services Provided
Packaging Design


The brand name, Bar-D is something the founders pulled from the side of an old ranch outhouse in Grand County, CO.  We decided to work this outhouse into the logo mark, silhouetting it with a mountain background. We brought in a bold, softened typeface to match the rounded illustration style and keep a friendly voice.


Using outdoor experiences as our guide, we illustrated and designed packaging for Bar-D’s 3 different wipe products. The packaging design needed to stand out while sitting right next to other brands. With most sales coming through Amazon, the packaging was the main way to catch attention and convey the brand identity. We opted for bright color pallets that spoke to the cool and clean feeling of using the wipes.
“Charles was amazing to work with! We love everything he does for us. He takes direction very well and then puts his own spin on it. He gave us a lot of great, honest feedback through the process. We will definitely be working with Charles again!"


We continued our illustrative theme into merch designs that were used on a variety of products, stickers, and patches.


Our packaging and brand design was so successful that the brand was able to successfully launch as an Amazon-based startup, grow through the release of 3 main products, and expand into retail, landing on the shelves of mega-chain Urban Outfitters next to some of their favorite brands. After the launch of our third packaging design, the founders were able to utilize the momentum of the growing business and our branded assets to pitch and ultimately sell the company, resulting in a successful exit for the founders!