Apparel Graphics

Illustrations for a surf shop… in southwest Colorado?

With a growing river surfing, SUP and whitewater scene in the area, Badfish made the move into a physical retail location just across from the iconic river wave in Salida. To celebrate their grand opening, we created 3 custom illustrations to pay homage to the history of Salida and the west.
Services Provided

S Mountain Graphic

The F Street Bridge is a historical marker in Salida, and lies just upstream of the shop and surf wave. S Mountain, another iconic landmark is visible from much of town, including the new shop! By combining these two landmarks we were able to pay tribute to the town, history, and the river all while having fun with some new typography for the brand.

Train Graphic.

Trains were a massive part of the development of the west and Salida in particular has a rich history here. We loved the idea of a train conductor with a river board attached to his cabin, traveling from one river wave to the next.

Stamped Bricks

Bricks were an important historical building material in locations like Salida, and have a rich design history as well - Manufacturers would stamp bricks with their brand names and other information. We researched popular vintage brick stamping designs and used that as inspiration to guide this illustration.
“Charles is both super professional and very creative and in my experience those two don’t always go hand in hand! We can give Charles some general ideas and he is very skilled at efficiently getting to a design we love. We worked on 3 t-shirt designs that all had elements of hand drawn, original art work and these have become best sellers for us in our shop. I can highly recommend working with Charles."


Badfish had a successful retail opening and have been able to stock their shop with new, best selling apparel that speaks to their ties to Salida.