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Van Conversion

I am not a van conversion professional or professional handyman. This is a documentation of my experience and you should make your own decisions on how to build your own van, and seek professional guidance if you are unsure. This blog post also contains affiliate links, so if you click a product link and buy from the merchant, I will receive a commission fee. The price you pay remains the same, affiliate link or not. Buying through my product links is the best way to say thanks if this blog post was at all helpful to you.

Window Install

I found my window here. It one pretty much comes with all the materials needed other than tools.

While very nerve-racking, this was not difficult. I was debating having a professional do this until I watched this how-to. I felt pretty confident and things went smoothly. I did have to remove a vertical rib from the inside of the van, and I placed the window as high as I could in the remaining space.

Window Framing

Materials Needed:

This was a bit more tricky and I didn’t find much that was helpful on the internet here. I insulated and built my walls without much of a plan on how to frame the window which left me with this:

The wall was almost exactly 2.5″ from the frame of the window, so I used 1x3s to build a frame. I used a jigsaw to cut the round curves that are featured above to fit my new frame. I then filled the remaining gaps with spray foam. I cut it back once dry.

Since this frame was larger than the window, and not curved in the corners, this left some area where you could see the insulation around the window itself. I used leftover rubber mat from my Bike Tray, cut with a box cutter to be flush with the window itself as the framing here. I attached it with 3m adhesive spray. I then finished the wood with Varathane and shellac. I built the inner part of the frame with pocket holes, used trim screws to attach the outside frame to the inner frame, and used Lath screws to attach it all to the wall.

With the bed in, you get a nice little ledge to put some water, your phone, etc. overnight. I used extra magnets that came with the window cover to create a mount for it above the window.


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